In Salt Lake City this weekend, the Sun Devils of Arizona State University are gearing up for a challenging matchup, and it seems like the sports betting world is leaning heavily in one direction.

Despite recent weeks that have seen ASU put up strong performances in games where they were considered underdogs, they ended up with a 1-2 record, losing by just a combined 11 points in those matchups. Last week, Arizona State secured a significant victory against Washington State. The question now is whether they can maintain this level of play.

What Percent of Bettors Chose Utah?!

For the upcoming showdown at the University of Utah, a staggering 98% of bettors are putting their money on Utah, while only a mere 2% have faith in the Sun Devils to secure an outright win. For those who regularly consult popular picks provided by DraftKings, this statistic might seem astonishing.

This is particularly true when you consider that Arizona State hasn’t been playing poorly. Meanwhile, the University of Utah is coming off a crushing home defeat against the eighth-ranked Oregon Ducks, with a final score of 35-6. This result, in a game that was expected to be competitive and where many favored Utah, can be demoralizing.

It Is Justifiable

Utah boasts a strong 4-1 record when playing at home and hasn’t suffered a loss against an unranked opponent. Despite their recent loss, the odds favor Utah in this game. However, it’s worth noting that similar sentiments were expressed a week ago before the Washington State game.

Washington State ended up losing to the Sun Devils by two possessions. One interesting aspect of this game is that it’s expected the Sun Devils will cover the spread. Arizona State enters the week ten matchup as +11 underdogs. They have successfully covered the spread in their last three games, and many are jumping on that bandwagon.

As the showdown in Salt Lake City approaches, the odds are heavily in favor of the University of Utah. However, recent performances by Arizona State suggest that they might be able to defy the odds once again. With a strong record at home, Utah remains a formidable opponent.

The Sun Devils, on the other hand, have been successful in covering the spread in their recent games, making this matchup one to watch closely. It’s clear that the sports betting world is leaning towards Utah, but as any sports fan knows, surprises can happen, and the outcome of this game remains uncertain.

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