High school linebacker, once a future Sun Devil, changes his commitment

In the world of college football recruiting, every commitment and decommitment can send shockwaves through a program. Recently, Arizona State Football experienced one such tremor when they lost a commitment from a highly touted prospect, Dylan Tapley, a top-rated linebacker hailing from Scottsdale. Tapley, a 3-star recruit, had been one of the shining stars of the 2024 class, drawing attention from both fans and coaches alike.

Tapley’s decision to decommit from Arizona State sent ripples of surprise and speculation throughout the college football community. He stated his reasons clearly – he wanted to pivot and focus on the offensive side of the ball for his future career. This meant a position change for Tapley, who will now transition to becoming a Wide Receiver, making that his primary role on the football field.

This change in direction by Tapley is not without merit. In his previous season at Desert Mountain High School, Tapley showcased his athletic prowess by amassing over 1000 receiving yards and an impressive 17 touchdowns. His ability to make big plays and contribute significantly to the team’s success had put him on the radar of college recruiters, making him a coveted prospect.

As the news of Tapley’s decommitment reverberated, speculations arose regarding his future destination. While it remains unknown where he will ultimately commit, there are strong indications that he may choose to don the jersey of the Arizona Wildcats. 247 Sports, a reliable source for college football recruiting news, has hinted at this possibility.

If Tapley does indeed decide to become an Arizona Wildcat, it would be a bitter pill for Arizona State to swallow, given their long-standing rivalry with the Wildcats. The fierce competition between these two in-state rivals on the football field has often produced thrilling clashes and added intrigue to college football in Arizona.

As of now, Arizona State’s 2024 recruiting class has only one linebacker commitment in the form of Albert Smith from Louisiana. The loss of Tapley, a homegrown talent with immense potential, is undoubtedly a setback for the Sun Devils.

Dylan Tapley’s decision to decommit from Arizona State and switch to the Wide Receiver position has left a void in the Sun Devils’ recruiting class for 2024. His choice of the Arizona Wildcats as his potential destination adds an extra layer of drama to the already intense rivalry between the two teams. Only time will tell how this decision shapes both Tapley’s career and the fortunes of these two Arizona football programs.

By Vish J

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