Colorful Crocs inspired by McDonald's signature style

In a surprising twist, fast-food giant McDonald’s has joined forces with Crocs, the iconic shoe brand known for its comfort and unique style. This unexpected collaboration has taken the fashion world by storm and is creating quite a buzz among fashion enthusiasts and fast-food aficionados alike.

A Delicious Partnership

McDonald’s announced this exciting venture on a Monday, revealing that they are stepping into the footwear industry with the help of Crocs. This marks a rare departure from their core business of serving delicious burgers and fries. The collaboration is not limited to just shoes; it includes socks and “Jibbitz,” those adorable charms that fit snugly into the holes of Crocs, adorned with McDonald’s advertising characters and the brand’s signature red and yellow color scheme.

A Menu of Options

For fans of both McDonald’s and Crocs, this collaboration offers a delectable menu of choices. There are four options to choose from, each inspired by different elements of McDonald’s:

  1. Grimace-Inspired Sock and Sandal Combo: This option features a vibrant purple sock paired with Crocs sandals, and it pays homage to the lovable Grimace character from McDonald’s advertising history.
  2. Birdie Clog and Sock Combo: For those who prefer a pop of color, the yellow and pink Birdie clog comes with matching socks, adding a playful touch to your footwear collection.
  3. Hamburglar Clog with Animated Burger Socks: If you’re a fan of the mischievous Hamburglar character, you can opt for the black and white clogs that come with white socks featuring animated burgers – a whimsical choice for burger enthusiasts.
  4. Red and Yellow Croc Clog with Menu Item Jibbitz: The classic McDonald’s color scheme is beautifully represented in these Crocs, which come with Jibbitz featuring popular menu items. These are a must-have for devoted McDonald’s fans.

Pricing and Availability

Now, the burning question is, how much will these delightful McDonald’s-themed Crocs sets cost? Potential customers can get their hands (or feet) on a pair of these fashionable items for a price ranging from $70 to $75 per pair. If you want to complete the look, the matching socks are available for $20 per pair. You can purchase these unique pieces of footwear through Crocs’ official website or visit participating retail locations in person.

Crocs’ Previous Collaborations

While this partnership might come as a surprise to some, Crocs has a history of teaming up with brands to create unique and eye-catching footwear. In the past, they have introduced collections inspired by beloved characters like Shrek and Lightning McQueen. Additionally, though not a formal partnership, Crocs even ventured into the Wild West fashion scene, offering Croc cowboy boots for $120.

Marketing Strategy Behind the Collaboration

Neil Saunders, an expert in the retail industry, commented on McDonald’s decision to collaborate with Crocs. He stated, “McDonald’s does a lot of partnerships to capitalize on current trends. There’s a lot of conversations around Crocs at the moment, and it’s a good contemporary brand to partner with.” He also highlighted McDonald’s strategy of leveraging social media trends, referencing the viral success of the Grimace shake, which took social media platforms by storm, albeit in some unusual and unexpected ways.

From Crocs’ perspective, Saunders believes that such collaborations and quirky partnerships help keep the brand in the minds of consumers. “Crocs is a zany brand,” he noted, “It is well-positioned to do these partnerships.”

No Relation to the Fast Food Kingpin

In a quirky twist, it’s worth mentioning that McDonald’s early CEO, the late Raymond “Ray” Kroc, has no known relation to the Crocs shoe brand. It’s a fun coincidence that the two iconic names have converged in this unique collaboration.

In the world of fashion collaborations, the McDonald’s and Crocs partnership is a surprising and delightful blend of fast-food nostalgia and comfortable footwear. With a range of options to cater to different tastes, this collaboration is bound to make waves in the fashion industry. So, if you’re a fan of McDonald’s and love the comfort of Crocs, be sure to grab your own pair and make a bold fashion statement.

By Vish J

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